What We offer



Turn your organization through data-driven decision making

Leverage the power of Google Cloud's serverless analytics platform along with CLOUD BEAKER's data migration, management, and analytics consulting services to make significant decisions based on data. Our team will assist you in determining the most crucial data points, seamlessly transferring your on-prem databases to the cloud, and creating a data strategy focused on the cloud and tailored to your business goals.

Easily upgrade your data warehouse to the latest standards

With CLOUD BEAKER's exceptional proficiency in BigQuery, the robust and scalable data warehousing solution provided by Google Cloud, you can easily and quickly generate accurate and insightful reports while also improving your organization's agility. CLOUD BEAKER can also help reduce your total cost of ownership, increase data security, and enable you to make informed and data-driven decisions even in the most challenging and complex of situations.

Simplify the process of modernizing data lakes.

Turn your raw data, whether structured or unstructured, into valuable insights that are easily accessible.
You will only be charged for the amount of data you store. We will assist you in transferring your data to Google Cloud, enabling cost savings and scalability.
When there is a sudden increase in computing needs, you can run a specific data lake workload in GCP.
Additionally, we can assist you in building a data lake specifically designed for the cloud.