What We offer



Drive innovation and expansion using a contemporary infrastructure

Leverage the combined power of CLOUD BEAKER and Google Cloud to enhance your operational efficiency, embrace digital transformation, and effectively address growing demands for swift delivery. Our partnership ensures your ability to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and evolving business requirements, allowing you to maintain competitiveness. Additionally, our hybrid and multi-cloud alternatives provide you with even greater flexibility.

Manufacturing enabled by smart use of data and intelligent systems

With CLOUD BEAKER expertise in Data Integration and Data Analytics on Google Cloud, our team possesses the knowledge to unlock the complete power of your data, enhancing productivity and enabling smarter decision-making.
Our experienced professionals will leverage Google Cloud's top analytical tools and AI/ML capabilities to create a centralized hub for reporting, advanced analytics, and AI-powered business advancements.

Give your distributed workforce the power to succeed

With Google Workspace, empower your remote, isolated, or dispersed workforce to collaborate effectively. Our team of experts will assist you in optimizing collaboration and productivity from corporate headquarters to production units. By leveraging CLOUD BEAKER's exceptional Change Management Services, enhance user acceptance, and maximize returns on investment. Ensure secure and encrypted access to your cloud resources with Google Cloud IAP and Zero Trust remote access tools